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Our Story

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To provide a high quality, year round lawn service and snow removal services that helps our customers enjoy their properties as much as we do ours. 

About Charles:

The 'perfect lawn' has fascinated Charles Urich, Whipper Snapper Lawn Service's founder, as long as he can remember. From the time his father Randy let him use the family lawn mower, Charles spent his time outdoors in the yard trying to get everything just right. As he got older, his interest in yard care grew into an obsession: he knew he'd found his life's calling.


Pursuing his passion for lawn care, he started Whipper Snapper Lawn Service. Ever since, he prides himself on crafting the perfect yard for each individual client and providing a professional service for families to enjoy their lawn and gardens.

In Spring of 2017, Charles decided the best way to continue his vision was to recruit a partner who could help scale WhipperSnapperLawnService in to something much large than just himself.

So Chris joined the mission!

About Chris: 

Co-owner of WhipperSnapperLawnService, Chris has an extensive background in the "green" industry. Chris specializes in commercial and large-scale residential accounts. His education as well as previous employement history have bolstered our companies abilities to service larger clients.