We proudly service these northwest metro area communities: Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Osseo, Champlin, Brooklyn Park, and Brooklyn Center. 

​Also known as aerifying or coring, aeration pulls small plugs out of the soil. Core aeration helps to loosen soil that has become compacted, and like dethatching, helps allow air, sun, and water to reach the roots. Aerating is a great way to keep your grass and lawn soil healthy.

​After the debris removal, we’ll de-thatch the turf. What is de-thatching? “Thatch” is the thin layer of dead grass just above the soil. Too much thatch can create a barrier that keeps moisture and air from reaching the grass roots and weakening your lawn.

Our yard service crew will use our professional lawn care equipment to clear the way for the rain and warm sun to give your grass the nutrition it needs.

Lawn Edging
Edging service of driveways, sidewalks, and all walkways. Our edging tools and our fine eye for detail will create that neat and clean 90-degree look that will make your yard look professionally cared for, and will make your neighbors green with envy.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Bush/Shrub Trimming
Just like your grass, shrubs and bushes need a trimming - not only for aesthetic appearance but also for the health of the bush or shrub. Our Trimming Service will professionally trim at the proper time of the season to ensure the growth of healthy, balanced, and strong plants. We only use professional equipment to ensure the best results.

For a rich, thick, green grass all year round, trust the Whipper Snapper Lawn Service professionals for all your lawn care and yard maintenance.

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Fertilizing & Weed Control Program

Our 6 step service includes four (4) granular fertilizers and two (2) spray applications for weed control. 

Fall Cleanup

At the end of the season, the grass stops growing and the leaves blanket your yard. We'll blow out those leaves and any debris from your yard or property, remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from your residence, to ensure a clean and neat appearance for your lawn's Winter slumber.

Is your property ready for Winter? See our Snow Removal Services

Whipper Snapper Lawn Service proudly offers lawn care for Crystal, MN and surrounding Northwest Metro areas, including New Hope, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Osseo, Champlin, Brooklyn Park, and Brooklyn Center. 

Our Lawn Care professionals will get your yard in tip top shape with a variety of services including weekly or bi-weekly mowing, yard clean up, fertilizing and more.

Spring Clean Up 

When Spring arrives (finally!), Whipper Snapper Lawn Service will remove all sticks, branches, leaves, all past–season plants, and trash. Then, we'll blow out leaves from gardens, flower beds, and other debris from any landscaped areas of the property. We'll finish up by cleaning and bagging all leaves and debris for a yard care Spring cleaning.

This Spring Cleanup gives your lawn, flower beds, and shrubs a clean appearance, and clears the way for the next phase of professional yard care: Dethatching and Aeration.

All Seasons lawn care

Lawn Mowing Service

Enjoy your Summer and let Whipper Snapper Lawn Service take care of the mowing this year! With our lawn mowing services, you can relax knowing that you’ll have a clean cut lawn on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule - your choice.

Our crews use only professional lawn care equipment and make sure that you have a clean and healthy looking lawn when complete.

​The health and appearance of your lawn is important to you, so it’s important to us. When Whipper Snapper serves your residential or commercial property, we strive to:

- Carefully cut the grass to a healthy level with attractive appearance

- Trim neatly around trees and any obstacles in the yard

- All trimmings blown off of hard surfaces for clear walkways

- (Optional Service) - Create edging on your sidewalks, walkways, driveway, and curb that is straight as an arrow)

For an even healthier and attractive lawn, we offer professional lawn maintenance to ensure a thick and lush lawn with deeper roots and a healthy appearance. Yard maintenance services include aeration, dethatching, over-seeding, and more,

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